SAMS-Screener Accreditation Management System

Screener Accreditation Management System

SAMS is an innovative and easy-to-use screener certification system that enables regulators to carry out X-ray competency testing, certification, and licence renewal tasks quickly and efficiently.

The SAMS platform can assist civil aviation and custom & border control authorities and facilitate screener certification using computer based and mobile assessment tools.

SAMS interface

Simplify the procedure of official certification

SAMS has been specifically designed for governmental and regulatory entities involved in X-ray operator competency testing, certification, and licence renewal. By utilising SAMS, a regulator has the ability to scrutinise at any given time the entire compliance status of a regulated entity, or to check at an individual level, with just a few clicks.

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Control the certification process

For regulators

Allows regulators to manage and present X-ray test results of each screener, also, to check at any given time the current compliance status of an entire regulated entity.

System Components

Simfox X-Ray and CT simulator
OpeReady compliance module
OpeReady mobile application
Industry verification portal

For users

Enables screeners to securely view and print out a copy of their own certification status, indicating the modules assessed, the performance outcome for each module and their expiry dates.

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