Simfox for CT – Computed Tomography

Simfox for CT - Computed Tomography

Simfox CT provides a 3D view of scanned bags and containers. It is designed for the training and testing of screeners who use Computer Tomography scanners at aviation security checkpoints.

Train the next generation of security CT operators

The CT interfaces of Simfox are designed to emulate the operation and functionality of various EDSCB scanners. Thereby the specific skills required of personnel interpreting 3D imagery are maintained and improved.

3D image manipulation functions

The CT simulator is equipped with image enhancement features characteristic to all 3D scanners such as slicing and 360° rotation, but tailored to particular equipment models.

Minimal hardware requirements

The CT simulator can be operated from standard PCs and does not requires gaming-type high spec computers.

Advanced analytics

Simfox CT offers customisable reports that can help trainers quickly identify non-compliant screeners and understand specific deficiencies in their performance. Results can reviewed and converted into downloadable reports for auditing purposes.

Automatic grading system

The system automatically grades the student allowing them to improve without immediate teacher interaction.

Design your training and testing

Using our software, instructors can build bespoke training sessions with unlimited detection scenarios. The test creator allows the selection of test images as well as the editing of penalty and score settings.

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