Simfox for Container X-ray

Simfox for Container X-ray

Simfox offers the most effective computer based training for cargo screeners to improve their contraband and threat detection capabilities.

simfox container x-ray
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Versatile training aid

The Simfox Container simulator supports different types of large container and vehicle inspection systems. To simulate the real scanning environment, replica dashboards offer manufacturer specific tools including zoom and image enhancement features. Trainees can analyse images against real manifests or use the virtual content declaration forms to follow life-like operational scanning procedures.

Make custom reports

Instructor users can generate reports for individual students or the whole organisation and filter by sessions, courses, data range and proficiency levels. All reports are Excel compatible.

Review sessions

After each X-ray screening session, the user can review each container they have taken, isolate each item within them and review their content. That ensures screeners quickly and easily learn from their mistakes without the immediate assistance of a trainer.

Build or modify containers

Using the virtual container creator, Simfox enables trainers to create customised container images by simply selecting an item or items from the library and placing them into one of the full or empty containers. The image library is expandable, and trainers can upload their own images of empty or full container and cargo items into the database, creating their onw unique library. Uploading original images from the scanning operation gives an opportunity to trainees to practice detection on real life scenarios of past seizures.

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