X-ray Scanners for Security Purposes

security x-ray scanner

X-ray scanners are a form of security screening technology that has been in use for many years. This technology creates images of scanned objects. X-rays are generated by sending high-energy electrons through a vacuum tube and then directing them at the scanned object.

What exactly is an X-ray scanner?

X-Ray scanners are devices that use ionizing radiation to produce images of the inside of an object. This device is used in various fields, such as medicine, airport security, and other high-security facilities.

Among many of its uses, X-ray scanners are used in airports to help detect explosives, weapons and other prohibited items on people prior to boarding planes. The scanner, depending on the software configuration, highlights any object that could be dangerous, making it easier for security personnel to identify them and prevent them from passing through the security checkpoint. So, it can be used to detect threat items concealed even under clothing or other personal items.

X-Ray scanners in airport settings and other public places

X-ray scanners are used in airport settings and other public places as part of the security process. The X-rays go through the clothes and then onto a detector that creates an image of any items hidden under the clothes. A security officer usually views the pictures and decides if any further action is required.

X-ray scanners are a common way of detecting the contents of baggage and packages. These devices are used for airport security and to inspect cargo containers. 

X-ray scanners help detect explosives, weapons, drugs, and other contraband that are hidden in bags or containers. They are also used to find contraband that has been stowed away inside items such as shoes, belts, and wallets.

The value of an X-ray scanner for security guards

An X-ray scanner is a critical tool for security guards in the current complicated international context. They use it to check bags, luggage, and other items that people bring into a building.

Security guards can use an X-ray scanner to identify explosives, weapons, and other threats that people might be bringing into a building. The device can also help identify whether someone is carrying any illegal items.

The security guard’s job becomes much easier with the help of an X-ray machine because it reduces the need to manually search through bags or luggage for any potential threat items.

Learn how to use an X-ray scanner with Simfox

Simfox offers an X-ray training system for airports, civil aviation authorities, border control agencies, cruise ship operations and other high-security facilities by simulating various X-ray machines. Our staff is a combination of ex-security experts with years of expertise in the day-to-day operations and training of security operations and software engineers at the forefront of current technology.

Simfox provides a realistic simulation of the most popular Xray scanner brands’ single and dual-view models. Simfox has a comprehensive library of composite pictures, single threat items, and non-threat objects. Additionally, the database is further customized using our unique virtual Bag Creator function. Instructors can also upload X-ray pictures.

Simfox offers the most effective computer-based training for cargo screeners to improve their contraband and threat detection capabilities. Several types of big container and vehicle inspection systems are supported by the Simfox Container simulator. Manufacturer-specific capabilities, such as zoom and picture enhancing features, are included in replica dashboards to imitate the genuine scanning experience. Trainees can compare photographs to genuine manifests or virtual content declaration forms to simulate real-world scanning operations.

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