The Value of an X-ray Training System in Creating a Safer Workplace

simfox x-ray training system

The benefits of an x-ray training system for your employees

An X-ray training system is essential for your employees to understand the risk they may encounter. It trains, assesses, and certifies security screeners on image interpretation and threat detection across eighty-four countries worldwide.

Security training is a critical aspect of any organization’s security plan. It is a process that ensures employees are aware of the risks and dangers they might face in their work environment. Security personnel need training in recognizing and detecting threats. The training is best carried out by providing a realistic setting, including various types of firearms, explosives, and other weapons. The trainers can also use x-ray imaging systems for better training. In this way, the screeners will understand how to differentiate between different types of threats. 

Threat detection improves with the x-ray training system because it reduces human error. The computer-based training simulator was created to enhance the staff’s capabilities to react quickly to possible threats. Also, well-trained screeners work speedily and effectively, so the checkpoint throughput will improve. Simfox allows you to train multiple operators simultaneously in a classroom or via distance learning. So, you will save precious time and money on training. 

Simfox provides the world’s leading x-ray training system to maintain the security of the most critical zones like airports, border controls, Civil Aviation Authorities, Prisons, Government Buildings, Military & Police Forces, and other high-security establishments. Simfox has successfully been implemented in Europe to meet regulation EC No 2015/1998 and by regulatory authorities throughout the world for conducting annual certifications.


The X-ray CBT training products available at Simfox are:

  • Simfox Cargo and Container – The Simfox Cargo and Container X-ray Simulator is the most effective computer-based training for screeners to enhance their contraband and danger detection skills.
  • Simfox 2D Baggage – Simfox 2D Baggage is the most complete and realistic security X-ray simulation training system available, helping security screeners enhance their detection abilities.
  • Simfox Computed Tomography (CT) – Simfox CT is an X-ray Computed Tomography Simulator used in airports to teach and evaluate security screeners’ X-ray detecting skills.

Several types of threats that a screener may encounter

The x-ray training systems are essential for screener because it offers a lifelike screening experience with real detection scenarios for maximum engagement and knowledge retention.

Airport security screeners are responsible for the safety and security of passengers. They inspect luggage, cargo, and carry-on items to ensure they are safe before they are allowed to be brought on board an aircraft. Simfox provides X-ray training systems for conventional X-ray simulators, cargo and container simulators and 3D CT (Computed Tomography) simulators. 

Airport security is the process of protecting passengers and aircraft from terrorism, crime, and other dangers. Airport security includes the inspection of luggage and other goods being carried onto an aeroplane, screening people entering a terminal building or boarding area, and security checks at the entrance to the runway.

The purpose of airport security is to ensure that all passengers are safe while travelling to prevent any potential harm. To achieve this, airport personnel must ensure that all passengers are screened before they enter an airport terminal building or board an aircraft. Airport security officers are responsible for ensuring passengers, cargo, and aircraft safety and security. They inspect baggage and packages brought onto an airport’s premises. They also monitor the people on the airport’s premises to ensure that no one is carrying any dangerous objects. Screeners are looking for prohibited items such as knives, firearms, and explosives. They are also looking for suspicious items that may be used in a terrorist attack.

The importance of the x-ray training systems in airport security

The x-ray training systems are a vital part of airport security. Their use is to ensure that the airport staff is trained to handle any emergencies. These systems provide a virtual environment for the staff to practice in, and the staff also uses it for training purposes. Therefore, Simfox is the most realistic computer-based Security X-ray and Computed Tomography Simulator available.

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