Train with the Simfox Container Simulator

simfox container simulator

Different types of large container and vehicle inspection systems are supported by the Simfox Container simulator. Manufacturer-specific capabilities, such as zoom and picture enhancing features, are included in replica dashboards to imitate the genuine scanning experience. Trainees can compare photographs to manifests or virtual content declaration forms to simulate real-world scanning operations. Container X-Ray systems have advanced a lot over the years. They are now able to detect contraband such as drugs and explosives, as well as identify any potential hazards in the container. This is because they have the ability to scan for radiation levels and potentially lethal chemicals.

The benefits of the Simfox Container Simulator

The Simfox Container is the most effective training method for cargo screeners to improve their image analysis skills and threat detection capabilities.

Why you should choose the Simfox Container?

Customize your reports

Instructors may create reports for individual students or the entire company, filtering by sessions, courses, data ranges, and competence levels. All reports are compatible with Excel.

Sessions of reflection

The user may check each container they have taken after each X-ray screening session, isolate each item within them, and review their content. This guarantees that screeners may learn from their mistakes fast and readily without the need for urgent help from a trainer.

Construct or modify containers

Simfox’s virtual container maker allows trainers to create bespoke container images by simply picking items from the image library and placing them in filled or empty containers. Trainers can add their photographs of empty or full containers and cargo goods to the database to create their unique library. The ability to upload original photos from the scanning procedure allows trainers to practice detection in real-life settings of previous seizures.

How could the Simfox Container simulator help your training?

The Simfox Container Simulator can help your team detect threats more accurately by enlargening their visual memory and improving their image interpretation skills. Cargo screeners should see if something is wrong with the load. The employees can stop the infiltration of dangerous things into the territory, which could endanger the lives of others. They will know how to spot unusual content and be prepared to act correctly. 

Container X-Rays are a new type of security screening that is becoming more and more popular. It uses X-Ray technology to scan containers at the port or dock before loading them onto ships or trains.

Container X-Rays use X-Ray technology to scan containers at the port or dock before loading them onto ships or trains. They can identify what is inside a container and identify any dangerous or suspicious items that might be in there, like explosives, drugs, weapons, etc. They can also find out if the container has been tampered with and if it contains illegal goods not listed on the manifest. 

Why you need a container X-ray scanner for your business?

Container X-Ray machines are used to scan and inspect cargo containers to ensure that they comply with customs regulations and international standards. They are also used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centres, ports and airports. 

Renful’s aim is to perfect X-ray scanning operations

Renful was founded in 1994 by aviation security specialist Moshe Cohen and is based in the United Kingdom. The company is presently one of the world’s most innovative and active security technology firms. Simfox X-ray screener simulator has recently become the industry standard for training and testing.

Renful has become the centre of a global strategic security training network that includes airports, civil aviation authorities, border control agencies, and other high-security facilities.

Renful offers a variety of unique goods and services, including recruiting software, CBT, training simulants, classroom seminars, and more, and providing the world’s premier X-ray training system, Simfox.

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