How to Keep Contraband Under Control with Detection Technology

detection technology

Contraband refers to anything prohibited to possess or sell due to its nature. This definition is used for things that are illicit, too harmful, or offensive in the eyes of the legislator—termed contraband in use—and are therefore prohibited. The detection technology market is quickly growing and not only do these detection devices help to control contraband, but they also help to keep the airport and airport security as safe as possible.

A policy objective for many countries is improving land, sea, and air border protection technologies to quickly identify illegal materials while minimising disruption to commercial or people movement. Because of the variety of dangers and access locations, successful border protection necessitates a complex mix of people, technology, and law.

Detection technology and methods for keeping contraband under control

Containerised cargo screening

Containerised cargo screening is the process of inspecting a container to find contraband before it is loaded onto a ship.

The use of technology in the containerised cargo screening process is an effective way to combat illicit activity. Containerised cargo screening is also being used for border security, customs, and immigration.

Containerised cargo screening uses advanced tools such as x-ray and gamma-ray scanners to identify anomalies on containers that may indicate illegal goods are being transported. These tools can detect metal objects that might be used in constructing improvised explosive devices (IEDs), narcotics, human beings, or weapons such as guns and ammunition.

Containerised Cargo Screening: a new tool in the fight against terrorism

Containerised cargo screening is a new tool in the fight against terrorism. It was designed to scan all containers passing through ports and determine if they contain dangerous substances or not.

Terrorist groups have been using shipping containers, to transport weapons and explosives, as part of their plots for years now. This has prompted governments worldwide to act on containerised cargo screening to thwart potential terrorist attacks before they happen.

The ability to scan all containers with the Containerised Cargo Screening is now an essential tool in fighting terrorism. This technology allows for a more efficient and accurate way of screening cargo effectively.

Simfox for Container X-ray

Simfox offers the most effective computer-based training for cargo screeners to improve their contraband and threat detection capabilities. An x-ray is an excellent way to see what is inside a package. 

Container x-rays are an essential part of global trade. They allow us to identify the contents inside the container with a non-intrusive inspection before it is opened, and items are removed or added.

What Simfox offers you in terms of security

Simfox offers the most effective computer-based training for cargo screeners to improve their contraband and threat detection capabilities.

The Simfox Container simulator supports large container and vehicle inspection systems. Replica dashboards offer manufacturer-specific tools, including zoom and image enhancement to simulate the natural scanning environment. Trainees can analyse images against accurate manifests or use the virtual content declaration forms to follow life-like operational scanning procedures.

Using the virtual container creator, Simfox enables trainers to create customised container images by simply selecting items from the library and placing them into one of the full or empty containers. The image library is expandable, and trainers can upload their images of empty or full containers and cargo items into the database, creating their own unique library. Uploading original pictures from the scanning operation allows trainees to detect real-life scenarios of past seizures.

After each X-ray screening session, the user can review each container they have screened, isolate individual items within them, review their content and identify any threat items they may have missed. This ensures screeners quickly and easily learn from their mistakes without the immediate assistance of a trainer.


Renful Premier Technologies has been at the forefront of advanced security training since 1994, specialising in the research, development and delivery of state-of-the-art products and services.

Today, customers in over eighty countries worldwide use our products and services for training and monitoring their security teams. Amongst our customers, you will find civil aviation authorities, government agencies, customs and border guards, airports, ports, cargo forwarders, high-security installations, and postal charges.

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