How the Conventional X-ray Can Help Streamline the Cargo Industry

Conventional x-ray for cargo screening

Traditionally, the x-ray scanner was a large machine requiring a number of people to operate. It also took a great deal of time and expensive film to take an x-ray. There has been a significant change in the cargo industry due to the new and modern scanners. 

Transportation of cargo is potentially the most hazardous but necessary process of international trade. With the phenomenal growth of international trade, transportation security has become a business concern for cargo owners. Security concerns are an essential issue for all stakeholders in the transport system.

The cargo industry is under threat by various groups. These threats are theft, fraud, and hacking.

One of the significant risks faced by the cargo industry is theft – namely when thieves hijack an entire shipment before it even arrives at its destination. This type of crime has become increasingly common, leading to a rise in demand for shipping insurance policies to cover these specific types of loss or damage.

The first step to securing cargo shipments is understanding how global terrorist networks use the transportation system as a means for their operations. Terrorist groups historically exploit weaknesses in modes of transportation, especially aviation and marine systems, as weapons delivery devices.

Renful has become the centre of a global strategic security training network that includes airports, civil aviation authorities, border control agencies, and other high-security sites.

Renful’s SSTCs (Simfox Screener Training Centres) have built unique distribution channels across the world, and the company works in close collaboration with partner firms in their local markets.

The advantages of using a conventional x-ray scanner for cargo

Some people have been sceptical about using traditional X-ray scanners for cargo screening in the past. Concerns have been raised that they may not be as reliable as other scanning technologies.

However, a recent study has shown that a conventional X-ray scanner can be more dependable than many other scanning technologies. The study found that this technology is more accurate and does not require any advanced training to use. This makes it a much more cost-effective option for those who want to introduce scanning technology into their facilities.

Conventional X-ray scanners are an excellent way to introduce updated technologies into ports and airports worldwide. They are proven to be more accurate and dependable than other scanning technologies requiring advanced operation training, saving time and money for those who serve them.

A conventional X-ray machine is a sophisticated imaging device that allows for the inspection of goods without seeing the physical item.

Conventional x-ray machines are better than advanced imaging technology because they are cheaper and more accessible. They are also comparable to advanced technologies, making them an excellent choice for cargo processes.

How to prevent the cargo industry from dangerous threats

Many cargo transportation companies operating worldwide struggle to reduce the risk of dangerous threats to the cargo. One way to minimize this risk is by using conventional x-ray machines.

Conventional x-ray machines enable all sorts of hidden threats to be located that could be present in the cargo, for example, guns, explosives, narcotics, or other contraband. They can then highlight these items on the screen for the operator’s review.

There are a number of ways to prevent threats in the cargo industry. This can be done through security systems, training, or an AI system.

Simfox – Conventional X-ray for the cargo industry

Simfox provides a realistic simulation of the most popular X-ray scanner brands’ single- and dual-view models.

Simfox offers you:

  • Realistic scanner interfaces – Simfox provides high-resolution X-ray pictures, and image enhancement and including the editing features exclusive to the manufacturer. All major single- and dual-view scanner manufacturers, including Smiths-Heimann, Rapiscan, L3, Nuctech, and Gilardoni.
  • Expandable and fully customizable database – Simfox has a comprehensive library that includes composite pictures, single threat items, and non-threat objects. The database may be further customized using our unique virtual Bag Creator function. Instructors can also upload X-ray pictures customized to a particular place into the system.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities – A wide range of analytical data tools is available to Simfox instructors, enabling them to identify specific weaknesses in screeners’ detection skills.

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