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Conventional x-ray for cargo screening

How the Conventional X-ray Can Help Streamline the Cargo Industry

Traditionally, the x-ray scanner was a large machine requiring a number of people to operate. It also took a great deal of time and expensive film to take an x-ray. There has been a significant change in the cargo industry … Read More

port security

How to Improve Port Security with the Latest Technologies – Simfox

Port security is a broad term used to describe the precautions taken to protect a port from a terrorist attack. A port can be a harbour or any other facility near water. The risk of terrorist attacks at ports has … Read More

airport security

Improve Airport Security by Enhancing X-ray Screening

Airport security scanners have many benefits that make them more suitable than metal detectors or hand-held metal detectors. Security scanners have been around for a long time. They have been used in airports for a while, but now they are … Read More

border security

Border Security: Identifying Key Threats

Border security is essential in today’s globalized world. As countries develop, they need to increase their capacity for border control while still maintaining an elevated level of security. National borders are a country’s geographic frontiers and define the territory over … Read More

detection technology

How to Keep Contraband Under Control with Detection Technology

Contraband refers to anything prohibited to possess or sell due to its nature. This definition is used for things that are illicit, too harmful, or offensive in the eyes of the legislator—termed contraband in use—and are therefore prohibited. The detection … Read More

simfox simulator

5 Benefits of Choosing Simfox Simulator

What is Simfox Simulator – a premium security system Simfox is the world’s leading x-ray training system and is developed and distributed by Renful Premier Technologies. Simfox is a computer-based X-ray and CT simulation platform designed to train and assess … Read More