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computed tomorgaphy scanners

How Computed Tomography Scanners are Revolutionizing Airport Security

Computer tomography scanners are improving aviation security by helping to detect potential threats. They were first introduced in the 1950s and evolved as technology advanced. CT scanners create 3D images by scanning objects with x-rays. The scanner uses a tube-like … Read More

security x-ray scanner

X-ray Scanners for Security Purposes

X-ray scanners are a form of security screening technology that has been in use for many years. This technology creates images of scanned objects. X-rays are generated by sending high-energy electrons through a vacuum tube and then directing them at … Read More

simfox container simulator

Train with the Simfox Container Simulator

Different types of large container and vehicle inspection systems are supported by the Simfox Container simulator. Manufacturer-specific capabilities, such as zoom and picture enhancing features, are included in replica dashboards to imitate the genuine scanning experience. Trainees can compare photographs … Read More

simfox x-ray training system

The Value of an X-ray Training System in Creating a Safer Workplace

The benefits of an x-ray training system for your employees An X-ray training system is essential for your employees to understand the risk they may encounter. It trains, assesses, and certifies security screeners on image interpretation and threat detection across … Read More